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The Orca Ring

Welcome to the Orca Ring Webring. This webring is dedicated to anything about killer whales, aka- orcas. I wish to achive this by creating a ring of sites containing info,pictures, and links about orcas over the WWW. If you have a site dedicated to orcas I invite you to join. Ahead are a list of guidelines in order to join, if your page does not meet these rules and guidelines please do not try to join.

What is a Webring???

Ever been on a search engine looking up "captive whales or dolphins?". The engine will bring up 1239596 or some other huge number of sites all about either captive whales or dolphins, captive, whales, dolphins, dolphins links, whale songs...Well you get the idea. Only a handfull of the listings contain what you are looking for. In a Webring every site focuses on a main topic, this one focuses on orcas. Every site is conected in a "ring" and in the end you will end up at the main page (In Orca Ring that would be Ocean Bound Orcas).

Want to join?

Click on the "ring" of orcas for a list of guidelines!

Click here for a complete list of sites on the Orca Ring

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