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Ocean Bound Orcas: Dedicated to voicing out for THEIR freedom.
The Whales Behind the Tank Glass

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...all of the things we inflict on cetaceans in captivity are by definition stressful. Such stress cannot possibly be avoided when the animals are removed from their natural environment.

Dr. Paul Spong from The Bellerive Symposium on Whales and Dolphins in Captivity


The Penn Cove capture of 1970 was the largest orca capture on record. Over 40 whales where corraled in the cove. Six orcas where killed durring capture and 14 orcas where sent to aquariums. (This includes Lolita, who was sent to the Miami Seaquarium. She is the only orca who still survives out of all the orcas captured.)

The whales are encircled with a net, then dragged in using a rope lassoed around their bodies.

The Last Capture in PENN COVE

Tiji, Japan - 1997

Tanouk's Capture in Japan

Tanouk leaps into the air showing the effects of his capture.

After the capture: ICELAND

After their capture in Iceland, the orcas where transported to a wearhouse (with little to know natural light or fresh air), where they wait for a health inspection and a buyer.

Skana Being Transported in Vancouver