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Tanouk: An Example of Captivity's Cruelty
Lolita at the Miami Seaquarium

And to the memory of...those gone and those still alive

An orca round up in Puget Sound

Captured for your entertainment
Trapped and nowhere to hide.

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Profit or Education? YOU Decide.

"Behind the stage lurks an anticipated, ruthless and profit-seeking business, which nevertheless some scientists actively support. With cold-blooded cynicism, they attempt to prove that dolphinaria have an educational benefit by giving people contact to these creatures of the sea and encouraging love and respect for them. It was no different with the human slave trade... Today, the slave trade is undoubtedly regarded as one of the darkest chapters in human history."

Professor G. Pilleri

Sea World "Conservation"

The 1994 revisions of the MMPA were heavily influenced by Anheiser Busch Companies (Budweiser, Bud Lite, Busch beers; SeaWorld), whose chairman, a major political contributor, personally lobbied congressmen to transfer authority over captive dolphins from NMFS to the Agriculture Deptartment's Animal & Plant Health inspection Service (APHIS), thus subjecting dolphins to the same "protections" as livestock and laboratory animals. The revised MMPA also explicitly defines captive-born cetaceans as property of their owners-- hence explicitly, material commodities or slaves. Busch also squelched a California bill to better protect dolphins from capture. (The proposed AB 3006 by Assemblyman Richard Katz, D., Panorama City)

HSUS Article: Do Cetaceans Belong on Captivity in the 21st Century?

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