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In Memory....
Ocean Bound Orcas: Dedicated to voicing out for THEIR freedom.
The Whales Behind the Tank Glass

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In Memory of Those Who Have Died In Captivity....

In Memory of Yaka who died in 1997....By Orcalover
In loving memory of Kanuk. Who died at Marineland, Canada in 1998.

Over 118 captive orcas have passed away in the hands of man. No one ever heard them cry when ever they did. No one ever heard them say Where Am I? to their other tank mates. No one ever asked them, as they where being pulled apart from their families, do you want to do this? Do you want to die, so you can keep us happy? No one told them they would never see the ocean again.

They had their future in our hands, and we took it away from them.

No orca has ever made it out of a Sea World alive. Infact, only one out of over 118 orcas has ever made it out of any marine park alive.

Ocean Bound Orcas is dedicated to the memory of all the orcas and dolphins who have ever died in captivity. They are gone, but never forgotten.

Namu was the first orca to have lived in captivity for longer then 6 months. This picture was taken shortly after his death.