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Come Home Lolita! -- Lolita in The Spotlight Homepage
Come Home Lolita -- Lolita in The Spotlight Homepage.
Pictures from Lolita's capture

Home at Last by the Tokitae Foundation A look at how it is possible to free Lolita.

Lolita News and Articles

The National Enquirer's May 4th, 1999 Article on Lolita.

Come Home Lolita!! The Tokitae homepage

Lolita's tail drags on the bottom of her tank.

She lives in the smallest and oldest orca tank in the United States, and has preformed there since 1970. The Humane Society of the United States has already complained that the tank is too small for the 21 ft long orca. Yet the aquarium, the Miami Seaquarium, refuses to let Lolita return to the waters of her birth. The same waters where her family still swim wild and free.

Her name is Lolita, she was first called Tokitae(meaning Sunrise) by her vet after capture. The plan is simple, FREE LOLITA. Yet, can one foundation and thousands of supporters convince the aquarium to free her, before its too late?

Lolita being played her family calls by a reporter from NBC. She reacts strongly, as if....she remembers.

Lolita's tank is a mear 80' long and 19' deep, Lolita is 21' long and her tail drags on the bottom of it. It is the smallest tank in the United States. The Miami Seaquarium kept pushing that a new two million gallon tank was going to be built for Lolita. It never happened, and never will, in May of last year the Florida Leg blocked all plans to build her a new tank.

Lolita wasn't always the only orca held at the aquarium. Hugo, was Lolita's compainon till 1980. Together they lived in the same tank until his death. Since then, Lolita has been reported more lethargic then when Hugo was in the tank, even though there are other dolphins (Atlantic whitsided) in the tank with her.

Lolita's chances of a safe release back to the wild are very high. Her mother still lives in the wild, and killer whale researcher Paul Spong tracks them and knows their feeding, playing, and migration paterns all through the waters off of Washington. Finding them would be easy. Its getting Lolita to them thats the complication.

Lolita deserves to retire. The Tokitae Foundation was formed to help promote her right of freedom. Others have joined in the cause to free Lolita. The Free Lolita Legion is made up almost entirely of kids with over 30 chapters world wide. Now it is your turn to join the cause- and help FREE LOLITA!

How to help free Lolita

Write to Miami-Dade Mayor Alex Penelas,111 NW 1st St.,Miami,Fl 33128

Call the Miami Seaquarium (305)361-5705 tell them you want to see Lolita bound for Puget Sound!

Miami Seaquarium Homepage
Lolita preforming in the name of education