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Ocean Bound Orcas: Dedicated to voicing out for THEIR freedom.
The Whales Behind the Tank Glass

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Must see Info Links!

The Legal Info on Keeping any Cetecean

An orca round up in Puget Sound

Whale and Dolphin Links

Southern resident orca population research and information sites:

Orca Quest Research Project

Center for Whale Research

Orca Conservancy

Marineland Onterio, Canada Links

Pam's---For the Love of Whales

Marineland- Orcas crying for help



Lolita's Legions

Whither Willy, Wherefor Lolita?

Other Captives' Links


Mall Dolphins

Captivity Info Links

Frontline-A whale of a business

Rose-Tinted Menagerie

Captive orcas-see what the controversity is all about!

Orcas in captivity, an overview

Facts about captivity- from Ceatacean Society International

Links to Info on Campaigns/Groups

US Citizens Against Whaling

Universal Cetacean Inst. dedicated to ending captivity

World Freedom day for dolphins-July 4th

Thursday's Child

Coalition for NO Whales in Captivity


ICFG: The Israeli Cetacean Freedom Group

Born Free

European Cetacean Org

Dolphin Project

Oceana Project

Fundacion Orca- in English and Spanish


Whale Rescue Team

A German/English group for Saving Whales and Dolphins

General Info Links

Whales on The Net: News and Updates

Orca project- in Spanish and English

Chinese White Dolphin

Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delphine e.V. (GRD)

Whale Adoption and Entertainment

(Without the tanks!)

Whale Museum

Southern Cal. Whale Watch on the Julius N

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