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Below is the html code for the webring. Make sure you have this on your page! Without it you can not be added to the ring!Just copy, paste, fill in your info and there you can become a member of the No Jails for Whales Webring! IF YOU DO NOT SEE THE HTML CODE FRAGMENT IT WILL BE SENT TO YOU IF YOU BECOME PART OF THE RING- (Some of the servers I have seen you can's see the the HTML) html for Orca Ring

Valid substitutions for this form include:

Form: HTML fragment for your Webring (htmlfragment)

--id--The Site ID
--url--URL of site
--title--Title of site
--name--Owner of new site
--mail--E-mail address of owner

The following replacements apply to all customizable forms:

--ringid--Ring ID for the current ring
--webringurl--URL for the main Webring script (
--ringtitle--Title of the current Webring
--ringmail--Ringmaster's e-mail
--ringmaster--Ringmaster's name
--ringurl--URL for the current ring's homepage
--ringdesc--Description for this Webring
--ringkeywords--Keywords for this Webring