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Ocean Bound Orcas: Dedicated to voicing out for THEIR freedom.
The Whales Behind the Tank Glass

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Join The Cause! Help Support The Anti-Captivity Campagin.

Unfortunatly the cetacean captivity industry is at an all time high, and still booming. With marineparks that hold cetaceans (whales and dolphins) opening all over the globe, NOW is the time to act.

How to Get Involved!

Join a Campagin Against Orca Captivity

There are many active organisations around the globe that are in support of the anti-captivity campaign. Take a look in the links under Campaigns for a list. Dive into them and get involved in the cause!

Take Part In A Free The Whales Rally

FREE THE WHALES! Is a cry marineparks around the globe don't want to hear outside their doors. Take part in a PEACEFUL demo against holding orcas in captivity. Have a Sea World or other marine mammal park in your area? Set up to have a protest. Advertise it and give it as much media attention as possible!

* Call your local newspaper or TV station news program and have them carry a story about it.
* Make sure the protest is non-violent and legal. A nice suggestion is to visit the local police station and discuss the protest, this will be to both the police and the protestor's benifit.

Write Letters

* Write nice letters to the government explaining how and why you believe ceteacen captivity should be outlawed in the United States. Point out that Great Brittian has closed all of it's parks that contained preforming ceteacens - ask why the USA can't do the same. South Carolina now has a law where it is illegal to keep any marine mammal in confinement for profit- encourage YOUR STATE to follow in South Carolina's footsteps.
* Write nice letters to marine parks and aquariums explaining that you feel keeping cetaceans in captivity is no longer an educational benifit and that they are better off wild. Tell them that you will not visit their park while they still have ceteacens in captivity and on display.


It is estimated that Sea World makes inbetween $400-$500 million a year, and from that 70% is profit from it's preforming orcas. Boycotting will cut down on that amount of profit and help stop their businesses. Boycotting is a very good method to get the message across that you do not want to see whales and dolphins in captivity. Make sure you encourage others to do the same!
* Boycott certain products- like Anheuser Busch. Until they return their whales or dolphins to where they came from, the sea.
* DO NOT visit Marine Parks that keep whale and/or dolphins for display.