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The following is an excerpt from the Sea World of Florida training manual. This excerpt points out words that should not be used to keep the positive aspects of the park and shows what words to use in replace of that word. This excerpt was found in the November 24th, 1991 issue of the Orlando Sentinel.

Certain words and phrases have negative connotations. At Sea World, we call these "buzzwords." Avoid buzzwords and use more positive words--you'll give guests a better overall impression.

Buzzword Alternative

sick - ill

hurt - injured

captured - acquired

cage - enclosure

tank - aquarium

captivity - controlled environment

wild - natural environment

tricks - behavior

sex - courtship behavior

Other words to avoid:

dead, die - If people ask you about a particular animal that you know has passed away, please say "I don't know."

kill - This word sounds very negative. Say "eat" or "prey upon."

play,talk, enjoy - Anthropomorphic, they give human traits to animals

evolve - Because evolution is a controversial theory, use the word "adapt."