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Ocean Bound Orcas: Dedicated to voicing out for THEIR freedom.
The Whales Behind the Tank Glass

Support Our Cause


A captive Sea World orca wait's for it's reward, a frozen dead fish filled with ulcer preventing medications.



Anheuser Busch, maker of BUDWISER™, is a leading producer in beer products. They also have bought out Sea World and now own it. Boycott their products and tell them that you will not buy any of their products until they allow their whales, like Corky, to go back home.

Don't Buy These Anheuser Products:

* Eagle Snacks
* Rainbow, Kilpatrick and Earth grain breads
* Cape Cod Potato Chips

Anheuser Busch Beers

* Budwiser
* Busch
* Michelob
* Elk Mountain
* O'Doul's Non-alcoholic
* Elephant and King Cobra Malt Liquor and Red Wolf Ale.