In Loving Memory

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I have to admit I have been against captive orcas for a long time. In my eyes Orcas are very majestic and should be viewed in the wild... I have been to Marine World one time to try and show my 4 year old son how majestic they are, why I love them so much, why they should be free. I went into the arena, looked around at all those people and knew that the battle to free the orcas was a long one because it was all about money. I sat down and felt sick to my stomach. I was sitting right in the middle of the one thing I despise with all my heart...The un necessary and inhumane exploitation of orcas... When the show began I bit my cheek to avoid standing up and lashing out. Thank god my son was there First out were the dolphins. Then the orcas, Yaka and her forced companion... At that moment tears began to roll down my face as I tried so hard to hold back my emotion. I have never felt so helpless... There was nothing I could do. I started trembling and my son looking at me.." Mommy, don't cry,please don't cry mommy...Willy's OK....We'll free willy Mommy" (The innocence of a young mind. I believe that if we raise our children consciously we can change the direction of things...) I saw that orca perform tricks that were not natural. SO Unnecessary. That day I managed to take a couple of photos and I am glad I did... Shortly thereafter, Yaka died in the hands of negligent humans. People who thought they were researchers of some sort. researching how much money senseless humans will spend on the exploitation of helpless orcas kidnapped from their familys and put to slave labor... I know that I sound bitter but I am hurt by the lack of consciousness of people in todays society. All but a month later Yaka died of pneumonia...I drew this photo and had it tattooed the only thing left is the epitaph... "In loving memory of Yaka"