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These are a list of guidelines your site must meet to become a member of the ring. If your page doesn't meet these guidelines please do not submit your page.

-NO sites containing nudity or profanity will be allowed on the ring. I would like this webring to be for ALL ages.

-Your site must have something to do with killer whales, aka Orcas.

-I am looking for origanality. Not the same thing over and over or one picture and a bunch of words. Those sites bore me to tears, and I doubt anyone just loves those types of pages. A good example of what I don't want is this very page.

-Your page can't just be a list of links or a huge group of webrings. I will allow no more then 5 webrings per site. They clutter the page and take a while to load.

-Your page will be looked over before allowing them to join.

-I have the right to turn down any site.

HAVE FUN!!! This is what it is all about. :)

Do you meet those guidelines?

Click on the orcas to go to the submit form.

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