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Dear Everyone,

I just talked to Dr. Abe Agulto of the Committee on Animal Welfare (CAW) here in the Philippines. He informs me that the CAW never approved all these "dolphin attractions", and all are, technically, ILLEGAL. All incoming animal shows in the Philippines should first be evaluated by the CAW and given proper recommendation. If not, they could not be granted any permission to come into the country in the first place.

To those who have yet to write their letters it would be good to include the fact that these shows are without the proper recommendation and, are therefore illegal (we actually wonder why they ever get into the country in the first place--I guess it is the usual bribery and corruption).

Thank you again and I hope to receive all your letters soon.

Trixie Concepcion


Earth Island Institute (Philippines)


Subject:Dolphin Attractions"/Need your letters

Date: Sat, 02 Dec 2000 02:59:09 +0800

From: Earth Island

To: cfn

Dear All,

Thanks to Elsa for her quick response to the alert regarding Tim Desmond's plan to put up a swim w/ dolphin program in the Philippines.Unfortunately, there are more tourism projects using dolphins that are planned in the Philippines. I need all your help in sending letters to agencies concerned. The following are the details of these "dolphin attractions" and the offices to write to:

1. The Great Atlantic International Dolphin Show

Location : Boom na Boom Carnival Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex Manila Philippines

Duration : 8 December to 7 January 2001

Write to: The Great Atlantic International Dolphin Show

Please forward letters to the EII-Phils. office at (632) 435-3098

or e-mail at:

2. Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium (Tim Desmond's Swim w/ Dolphins Program)

Location: Kamayan Wharf, Subic Bay Freeport Zone Pampanga, Philippines

Duration: Start of Operations February 2001

Write to: Mr. Felicito Payumo


Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA)

C/o Subic Bay Marine Exploratorium

Tel No. (6347) 252-5881 to 5882

Fax No.(6347) 252-3014

3. Aquatic Nature Park Plans under the nature park include a dolphinarium and a swim w/ dolphins program

Location: Manila Bay, Roxas Blvd., Manila, Philippines

Duration: This project is put on hold given the political crisis in the country but we fear that this may be revived once the situation gets better.

Write to: The Presidential Commission for the New Century and the Millennium

please forward letters to the EII-Phils. office at (632) 435-3098

e-mail at:

addition, we would need any video documentaries and/or studies anyone has regarding swim w/ dolphin programs. We are intending to provide these to the media for publicity purposes.

It would be of great help if the international community, the prime target for these projects in the Philippines, speak out against these dolphin shows. There would be a big impact if you can say that as potential tourists to the Philippines, you will think twice about going here if such projects push through. As you all know, the Philippines is the last country in South East Asia not to have a dolphinarium and unscrupulous businessmen are pushing for the construction of these projects. We urgently need those letters.

Thank you all in advance,

Trixie Concepcion


Earth Island Institute (Phils.)